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The mouth and oral tissues are subject to potentially serious diseases and should be examined on a routine basis. 

Dr. Alexander and Dr. Song will complete a thorough dental examination and recommend treatment that may prevent or reduce the severity of dental disease and oral complications.

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Regular dental cleanings help keep the plaque and biofilm under control and reduces tartar buildup from places that your toothbrush and floss may have missed. Paying special attention to your teeth and gums and scheduling regular dental checkups are critical to keeping periodontal disease under control. 

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During each dental exam, Dr. Alexander and Dr. Song routinely check your gums and tissues for signs of oral disease such as cancer.

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The word periodontal means "around the tooth." Healthy gum tissue fits like a cuff around each tooth. Where the gum line meets the tooth, it forms a slight v-shaped crevice called a sulcus. In healthy teeth, this space is usually three millimeters or less. 

Periodontal disease are infections that affect the teeth and bone that support the teeth. As the tissues are damaged, the sulcus develops into a pocket that is greater than three millimeters. 

Generally, the more severe the disease, the greater the pocket depth and bone loss. The enlarged pockets allow harmful bacteria to grow and make it difficult to practice effective oral hygiene. Left untreated, periodontal diseases may eventually lead to tooth loss. 

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